Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I had six too many drinks last night...

Stars did not disappoint. They were actually a lot more charismatic and entertaining live than I expected, tho I think any band led by an effeminate 5'7 redhead in a double-breasted suit is something I can dig. They put a lot more into their songs than I really thought they would. The singers work the whole stage, getting up and out over the crowd at times with real emotion, rather than the sedated, head-to-the-side lulling that I expected. I'm a bit of a sucker for bands that have the guy/girl back and forth dynamic, and these guys do it better than anyone right now. (My favorite Postal Service song is "Nothing Better" and I love that "True Love is Blind" song by Louis go figure)

Anyway, I was all the way up front, right under the right speaker, which is not the best place to get the ideal listening experience, but they still sounded great. I left the club with both of their old albums in hand. Can't wait till the Bowery Show.

Sidekick still not at 100%. Got what the kids are calling the "three dot dance” compared to the inferior “two dot” variety, but I still don't have my e-mail, IM or web working yet. Am hearing reports of service almost fully returning to some this morning, so hopefully I'll be back in full force sometime today.
UPDATE: At 10:57, I got a full "G7", as well as 4 days worth of e-mails. This lasted for 3 minutes before I got dropped back down to the two-dot dance. Wack.
UPDATE2: At 11:15, everything finally seems to be completely up and running. Hooray.
UPDATE3: Bah. At 11:45 it's back down. No more updates till I'm sure it's really back for good.

Pitchfork has a nice little profile on Owen Pallett, who, as Final Fantasy, really impressed me in opening for The Arcade Fire last month. BV has much more on the guy, who has some really really great songs off his newest album. (Check out “Win and Regine” and “The CN Tower…”. My two favorites.)

Nothing of too much personal interest going on sale today, but if something new jumps in and surprises me, I'll post.


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