Tuesday, March 01, 2005

There's always another coming right up behind...

I'm not sure if anybody's really mentioned it, but Elkland is opening for Erasure on their current tour, including about 6000 shows at Irving Plaza next month. This is so perfect cause I've always thought Erasure sounded like their greatest influence. Maybe perhaps their best chance to break out and finally reach some sort of audience? I just hope they are on the top of their game for these shows, cause if they mail in a performance like they did at Movable Hype a few weeks ago, they'll miss a golden opportunity to expose themselves to what should be a very important fan base for them (that being Erasure fans. Like really gay people, I guess). I wish them all the luck in the world.

I saw this the other day…

"I never listened to that band; I don't know their music, I've never heard them."
-Paul Banks on Joy Division
NY Post, Feb. 27. (Via Largehearted Boy)

Hmmm...I see. I don't see any reason to lie about it tho. I always thought the comparisons to JD were a bit of a stretch to completely take for granted. And yes, I'm going tomorrow night to see them at the Music Hall. Blonde Redhead is the real sell tho. Or rather the combination of the two is. Without the other being there, I'd just as well stay home and count my money.

And finally, The NIN presale was a bust for many I assume. Ya either just got stuck on the login page, or got thrown to the "Object reference not set to a blah blah... " page. Oh well. Good luck trying to get them at the public sale this weekend. This is starting to feel like Green Day at Irving all over again. Anyway, if you're bummed about getting shut out, cheer yourself up with some tickets to go see The Decemberists at Irving. They're less than half price and significantly more pleasant.


At 12:04 PM, Blogger torr said...

I mentioned the Elkland/ Erasure tour the other day.

And Interpol are just making themselves look dumb by saying things like that because they're totally a joy division ripoff.


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