Friday, February 18, 2005

Does Jamba Juice actually serve juice?

Or just smoothies?

The Central Village/Union Square location opened for business this morning. I was hoping for more juice, and less sherbet smoothie in mine, but I guess it’ll take a few weeks for me to work out exactly what I'm looking for.

OC was nothing special last night, tho next week looks exciting (It rains!). I thought it was odd that, at the end of the show when they do the “Music in this episode” bit, they showed the cover of Lali Puna’s "Faking the Books", but said it was Stars. I didn’t recognize either band during the episode so I was stumped. I kinda felt like a loser trying to explain the issue to my friend last night tho, (what? who?) so I’m just gonna leave it at that.
UPDATE: Stereogum says (as expected) both bands were played on the show. Their most popular songs, too. Usually I'm more on top of this shit.

Also, Coolfer’s got the news on a New OC mix. Once again, it’s really matter how much you wanna hate it.

Caught 24, which was awesome. A bit of a staller episode, but it had it’s moments. L&O was pretty weak, despite the fact that it had rent control and NBA basketball plotlines.

Grambo has the trailer for the new Bynes flick, Lovewrecked, co-starring everyone’s favorite meatpacking billboard boy Chris Carmack as the hunky rockstar. I’m not gonna go see this movie, nor will I likely rent it, but when it’s on Showtime HD, I’ll watch it every time it’s on, no doubt.

GoldenFiddle blocked?! Imagine my surprise browsing around this morning and getting a Lingerie and Swimsuit message from my office content filter on my favorite media blog. Bad bad news.

Anyone else really jealous that Leslie Feist is touring with Stars and AoH out on the west coast? What gives? When’s she gonna come to NY?? In fact, anybody really jealous of the week of March 20th at The Troubadour in LA? Kaiser Chiefs, MorningWood, Bloc Party, Louis XIV, 2 nights of the Arts and Crafts kids, then 2 nights of Ash and The Bravery? Sounds like a good time.

That’s all. Enjoy the long weekend, and for god sakes, go down to Othermusic and get yourself a ticket to see Bloc Party on Sunday! It'll be fun!


At 2:08 PM, Blogger jayloose said...

i'm realatively certain my x'girlfriend cheated on me with chris when they studied abroad together. i had to spend a week hanging out with him... and i'll never get that week back. but at least i rest easy knowing his dad's gay. wait... nevermind, that was on the o.c. i'm terrible at life.

At 3:17 PM, Blogger Jeff said...


Well, at least you can rest assured that he will be forever typecast as the good looking dude who's actually a huge loser. That's a tough stigma to shake.


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