Friday, February 11, 2005

That was dumb.

I’m not gonna flat out say that the OC was bad last night…but it was disappointing. Last season, it always seemed like the characters would get themselves in trouble, but always do the right thing in the end, right? It was the smartest part of the show…because whether or not the result was positive or negative, it always deep down felt like the right thing to do. Last night hurt. In a bad way. Sandy Cohen should have done the smart thing. He should have told Kim Delaney goodbye over the phone, and rededicated himself to the Wife. And he NEVER should have kissed her. And no, Mr. Schwartz, acknowledging in the script that it was an uncharacteristic thing for him to do does not cover it up. It’s an easy out you’ve been using all season…leaning out through the third wall just enough to make your show self aware. It comes off cheap. The rest of the episode was fine, however. The kiss was a bit of a letdown…seeing that everybody know it was coming and it wasn’t all that sloppy or exciting. Whatever.

The Album Leaf finally got a post-show music credit on the OC, after having their (his?) music being played on the show for the last couple of weeks. They’ve become my default pleasant work-music of late, and I’m hoping to make it out to see him play on March 31st at the Mercury Lounge. Tickets are not yet on sale.

Brooklyn Vegan tipped me off to Devendra Banhart playing at Tonic on the 21st. That should be a great show. Now, you see, Tonic…If you were able to pull acts even close to this caliber on a regular basis, we wouldn’t be in this sticky situation now, would we?

Torr’s got info on the SXSW wristbands! Starting on Feb. 24, they’ll cost $110 if you act fast. The price goes up as they sell more and more. If you’re going, this is the best way to roll, tho you gotta know somebody down in Austin to get you one, and the max one person can buy at a time is 2, so good luck working it out. More info here.

Finally…really loved Chin Up Chin Up as much as I expected to last night. They played a enjoyable set that got better as it went on. I would not hesitate to go see them again next time they’re in town. (which will be May 19th at Northsix)


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