Monday, February 07, 2005

Tying up the week ends...

I feel sick today. Long weekend trying to balance family time with my social interests equals not a lot of downtime or sleep.

Friday night I went straight from work to services with my dad and grandfather. I swear Central Synagogue is the most fucking Christianized temple in the world. I don't go to services all that often, but I really hate that place. Makes you feel like a 8 year old in a church group.

From there we went out to dinner, then I headed home briefly before heading back out to the Mercury Lounge. Dirty on Purpose was great. Had never seen them, but all the chatter is well deserved. They were followed by Rouge Wave, who were solid, but to be honest it seemed like the band was kinda interfering with Zach's songs. I was thinking while standing there that I'd much rather hear his kind of stuff being played solo. Still good, but a little too busy for my tastes.

The next morning I woke up early to take my parents and little cousin out to Williamsburg to go see Rouge Wave play again at Soundfix Records. Tho the sound in the coffeehouse behind the store wasn't great, they played a very laid back set, and I enjoyed it more than the crowded club show the night before.

That night I met up with more family (among other, older members) for dinner in Chinatown, then passed on the field trip up to Snitch to head over to the Sri Lankan steam bath known as the Knitting Factory for M.I.A. and Diplo. Fun time, no doubt...even if she was in fact Lip Syncing using a backing vocal for most of the show. Joey (very poetically, I might add) sums up the experience nicely.

The next morning I was up early again to attend my Grandfather's wedding at the Lotos Club. Lovely service. Came home kinda drunk around 4:30, had people over for the game by 5:30. Lost some bets, ate some chicken, passed out.

This week, I'm hoping to make it to Kings of Convenience tonight, then the Plug Awards Wednesday (With Sufjan, Aesop Rock w/RJD2, Ted Leo, and others), Chin Up Chin Up Thursday night, then the Kaiser Chiefs with The Prosaics Saturday in Williamsburg.


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