Friday, February 04, 2005

(The) Go Find (yourself) on the OC

I think that wins the award for most obscure artist to be heard on the OC, no? Unfortunately, it was the highlight of the show. With the exception of Seth and Summer, Everyone else seems to just be walking in place once again.

I found an interesting post here regarding Owen "Final Fantasy" Pallett. He had this to say regarding the Conan O'Brian Spot:

"howdy! the band is all upset about conan, they thought the sound was shit. i thought it was awesooooooome. i didn't get paid or anything, in fact they said i couldn't legally be on the set (no work visa) but it went ahead anyway. conan is super tall and has an enormous head."

Interesting. For the record, I thought they looked and sounded great. You can download the video here. (via Ambitious-Outsiders)

I'm a big fan of this guy, Owen. I like his bashful confidence just as much as his music. He seems like a busy guy, with many different projects going on at once, but I hope he gets to tour on his own. Surprisingly, most of the people I talked to had a very mixed reaction to him, but I thought he was stellar, and I'd love to see him again in a more intimate setting. I wholeheartedly recommend the song "The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead" which I've probably listened to 10 times since coming home with his CD Wednesday night. You can download it here.

Last night I went down to Bowery (first time since NYE, I realized) to go see Pedro the Lion and Low. We got there as PtL was going on, and he played a really great set. I had heard much about him, but honestly didn't know any of his stuff. The songs were great and the crowd seemed to really love it.

After that came Low, whose new album is beyond superb, but they are a tough band to watch live. It had been a couple late nights in a row for me at Arcade Fire, and their music was literally putting me to sleep on my feet. We even had to move up to the balcony so I could have a wall to lean against. After five songs, we decided to pack it in. They sounded great, but I couldn't handle it. I got to hear my three favorite songs off The Great Destroyer, and got to bed early.

This weekend is gonna busy. Lots of family in town. Tonight I'm going to go see Rouge Wave at Mercury Lounge. Then tomorrow afternoon, I'm planning to take my little cousin and her family out to go see them play at Soundfix Records in Williamsburg. Later that night I get to see the impenetrable M.I.A. with Diplo at the Knitting Factory.

Then Sunday is the Superbowl! And...My Grandfather's wedding! I say The Patriots hold the Eagles to under 10 points, and win by at least two touchdowns. No way the "happy to be there" Eagles have a chance against this team.


At 11:07 AM, Blogger holmes said...

patriots are going to wallup the eagles.

At 2:06 PM, Blogger c said...

yo- we gotta meet. I'll be at the show. find me.

At 2:26 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

Which show?

At 3:25 PM, Blogger c said...

rogue wave tonight. I'll be with my boyfriend, who has a great big jewfro. really big. come say hi.

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