Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Trent is the New FUBAR...

For now, at least. You'd think he had enough to do just keeping his own crazy blog in order. PITNB seems like a full time job as it is...

Just read on CNN that Detective Mike Logan is returning to the streets on New York! Starting this weekend, local Central Village nutjob Chris Noth will be sharing the major case duties with Vincent D'Onofrio on Law and Order: Criminal Intent. It appears that, due to a very busy workload, D'Onofrio needs to scale back his time on the show, which has become a risk to his health. Hard to believe that it was 10 years ago that Noth was a regular on the show. I remember watching his last episode with my dad when I was in middle school. This should be fun!

There are a number of interesting shows going on tonight. One of which is The Plug Awards at Webster Hall. I'll be there. Even tho my last faux-awards concert was a terribly uncomfortable and embarrassing experience, this one is sure to be better. The lineup is made up of A-list acts from every genre of the "indie" scene, and the awards recognize bands that the people in attendance might actually care about. Ted Leo, Sufjan, and Aesop Rock with RJD2 are top talent. I don't know much of Dillinger Escape Plan, but they seem to be good at what they do. (UPDATE: I put their EP on Rhapsody and had a headache within the first 3 seconds of track 1.)(UPDATE2: The headache turned into full blown nausea after a minute. They appear to be the headliner, so I think I'll just take off before their set tonight and save myself another sick day.) Saul Williams i'm not such a huge fan of (either), but he's got fans. I'm curious to see him perform.

Couple shows coming up that recently caught my attention. First off, Morning Theft is playing a show at Lit tonight. Check em out. Calla is playing with Palomar at Mercury Lounge on March 4th, then Rainer Maria will be there one week later on the 12th. Deerhoof, who Pitchfork recently called "the best band out there right now", are playing two shows at Northsix in May on the 22nd and the 23rd. No rush. Finally, a band called R.U.O.K. (formerly The Others) are playing Lit on February 26th. I'll talk more about them later, but be sure to save the date.


At 1:35 PM, Blogger rajeev said...

deerhoof will blow yer mind live. no joke. they're a little out there, but so so good.


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