Friday, February 18, 2005


Those of us in New York who enjoy live music are very very lucky. We get more interesting bands through here in a month than most towns and cities would be lucky to see in a year. Recently, I've been going out to see a TON of shows, and while this is fine, I often find myself with a ticket or two to a show that, by the time the date comes up, I just don't feel like going anymore. So, I thought I'd make a little guide to try and figure out which upcoming shows I really wanna go to and which ones I can prolly take a pass at. Feel free to disagree, or try and convince me otherwise...

I'll prolly end up going to them all anyway.

Definitely Yes:

2/20 - Bloc Party (Roxy - Motherfucker)
Gotta get dressed up...but it's worth it.
2/21 - Devendra Banhart (Tonic)
Can't wait. Never seen him live, and Tonic is a perfectly intimate place to hear him.
2/22 - The Futureheads/Shout out Louds (Bowery Ballroom)
Still listening to their album regularly...curious to hear the SoL's too.
2/26 - ...Chosen Darkness (Rothko)
Love the EP, cant wait to see them live.
2/27 - Luna (Bowery Ballroom)
Have never seen them, and I have a ticket, so I'm there. Their next to last show ever.
3/01 - The Frames (Bowery Ballroom)
So much Irish Hype, I wouldn't wanna miss them.
3/02 - Interpol/Blonde Redhead (Radio City)
Actually excited to see both bands in such a large hall. I think they'll sound great there.
3/03 - Sleater Kinney (Mercury Lounge)
Got tickets, never seen them before.
3/12 - The Wrens (Maxwells)
One of my favorite shows last year. Not to be missed whenever you get a chance to see them play.
3/13 - Atmosphere (Bowery)
My favorite rapper. Isn't in New York too often, either.
3/14 - Goldie Lookin Chain (Mercury Lounge)
Lots of fun. Rarely come to the States.
3/15 - Doves (Bowery Ballroom)
A good friend's favorite band. Will be fun to see them play at Bowery.
3/21 - The Go! Team (Mercury Lounge)
If they are a quarter as fun live as their album is, it'll be not to be missed.
3/25 - Kaiser Chiefs (Bowery)
The most fun band on the planet right now, tho some weren't quite as impressed as I.
3/31 The Album Leaf (Mercury lounge)
Has been the theme music to my workdays for weeks now. Love the album.
4/07 - Fiery Furnaces (Northsix)
One of the most unique bands you can see live. Are better in a small venue.
4/08 - Bloc Party (Bowery Ballroom)
The last step before taking over the World.
4/18 - The Bravery/Ash (Bowery)
It'll have been 6 months since the last time I had seen the Bravery. And I gotta see Ash while they're in town.
4/19 - Erasure (Irving Plaza)
They won't be doing this for much longer.
4/30 - Coachella (Cali)
Got a ticket, pegged the vacation time...can't wait.
5/04 - Decemberists (Irving)
My favorite band right now.
5/05 - Caribou/Junior Boys (Northsix)
Curious to see what these guys do live. Love the albums.


2/23 - Aesop Rock (Bowery Ballroom)
Friend has a ticket for me, but I can't say I love the guy live.
3/04 - Calla, Palomar (Mercury Lounge)
I like them, but I'm not gonna force myself out. Game-time decision.
3/07 - VHS or BETA/Ambulance Ltd. (Bowery Ballroom)
Sold out, but I'd still like to go.
3/08 - Stars/Apostle of Hustle (Mercury Lounge)
Got a ticket, likely will go, but I gotta hear more of the album.
3/09 - CAT POWER (solo) (Southpaw)
Am I a big enough Cat Power fan to drop $20 and trek to the Slope? Doubt it, but I do love Southpaw.
3/10 - Death From Above 1979 (Bowery Ballroom)
Friend got me a ticket...but I don't even like these guys that much.
3/14 - Embrace (Bowery)
Wanna go, but it's gonna be a busy night with GLC in town.
3/18 - Xiu Xiu (Knitting Factory)
Have a ticket...curious to see how it works live, but there's still a small chance I'll be in Austin that day.
3/21 - Aqualung (Bowery)
If I can get more into them, I'll be there...
3/22 - The Go! Team (Southpaw)
Are they worth seeing twice in a row? Are they worth missing The Thermals for? They'd be great at Southpaw.
3/26 - Crooked Fingers/The Dears (Bowery Ballroom)
Not too familiar with CF, and I wasn't blown away by The Dears last time live...leaning more towards no.
4/02 - LCD Soundsystem (Bowery)
This should be a definite yes...but for some reason I'm not completely sold.
4/09 - Fiery Furnaces (Webster Hall)
Got tickets for BOWERY, assholes. Don't think they'll be as fun in the larger space.
4/16 - Of Montreal (Northsix)
Very curious, but not too familiar with their stuff.
4/15 - Brendan Benson plus Charlie Mars (Bowery)
Hear great great things from people who's tastes I approve of, but haven't heard enough to decide yet.
4/30 - Q and Not U (Northsix)
5/14 - British Sea Power (Bowery)
I like them, but it's not my favorite. I don’t think I'd force myself out to see them, but everyone's been raving about the live shows.
5/21 - Deerhoof (Northsix)
Another case of hearing great things without much personal knowledge.
5/22 - Deerhoof (Northsix)
I'll only go one night...but dunno which one.
5/26 - Decemberists (Warsaw)
Warsaw's a trek...But I love the band. Will have a hard time staying home.

Probably Not:

2/24 - Antony & The Johnsons, Coco Rosie (Bowery)
Afraid to say I'm not a fan. Sold out anyway.
2/26 - Ian Brown - (Webster Hall)
No interest anymore.
3/09 - Rainer Maria (Mercury Lounge)
Don't know them all that well, but not that big a fan of what I've heard.
3/16 - Brazilian Girls (Bowery Ballroom)
Listened...interesting, not in love.
3/22 - The Thermals (Knitting Factory)
I'd like to maybe...depends if it sells out and if I goto the Go! Team.
3/30 - Regina Spektor (Bowery)
I could really get into her...but not there yet.
4/01 - Graham Coxon plus The Golden Republic (Bowery)
Don't love either.
4/07 - Bloc Party (Bowery Ballroom)
Same night as the Fiery Furnaces @ N6...
4/11 - The Kills (Bowery)
Don't know much about them. What I've heard hasn't totally impressed me.
4/13 - M83 (Bowery)
I hear they are kinda boring live.
6/26 - Oasis (MSG)
Meh. Maybe if they were at Hammerstein. Or if it was free.

Anything else major coming up I've passed over? Am I wasting my time somewhere? Am I totally off base in dismissing a band? Lemme know!


At 11:05 AM, Anonymous janet said...

Ooh what a familiar dilemma. i definitely recommend british sea power. their live shows are definitely up there with craziness. fiery furnaces opened for them at n6 a while back and that was an awesome show altogether. speaking of - i'm opting to check out bloc party before their world domination so i have one ticket for ff at n6 -- do you know anybody who might want it?

At 11:42 AM, Blogger torr said...

I'm dying to see BSP cause their new album is amazing, and I didn't even like their debut.

You forgot to list Embrace!

And who are THE Doves? I've only ever heard of Doves ;-)

At 12:04 PM, Blogger Jeff said...


Fixed and Fixed.

janet, I have a feeling that show will sell out sooner or later, so you shouldn't have a problem selling it when it does.

At 12:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally recommend that you look into picking up Crooked Finger's Red Devil Dawn. I know the album title is terrible, but it is one of the few records that is deeply emotional and can make you dance at the same time. You may or may not know that the college radio staple Archers of Loaf was fronted by the same guy back in the day. "Web in Front" and "Wrong" are quite possibly two of the best songs EVAR.

I'm done converting, I promise.

At 4:51 PM, Blogger rajeev said...

LCD are great live, really impressive. and deerhoof are totally awesome too, though you should make sure you dig the music ... the vocals turn some ppl off. they always kick my ass live though. especially the drummer.

M83 are definitely a yawn live. way too much is prerecorded. their last bowery show would have been a total clunker if ulrich schnauss hadn't been the opener.


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