Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I'm not sorry there's nothing to say

I think I've fallen in love with Stars at just the right time.

I've had their newest album on my various iApps for maybe a month now? But for some reason I hadn't given it enough of a chance until last week. Now I'm just listening to the thing pretty much every chance I get. At home, on my commute, at work streaming off the Arts and Crafts website. It is an overwhelmingly beautiful record that manages to balance catchiness, emotion and grace in a way few albums I've ever heard can. How I was able to ignore this for so long is beyond me, but now I could not be more excited to see them play tonight at Mercury Lounge.

I was happy to see that Rob Sheffield at Rolling Stone rewarded it with a four star review recently, which I believe still means something. I'll simply say that it's one of my top three albums of the year so far.

Craigslist looks rough for tonight, but be sure to get a ticket to see them at Bowery in April. Jen is also hosting my favorite song off the album called your ex-lover is dead, so download that if you remain unconvinced. It's a good one.

BIG news via Curbed...A Kozmo-like service is coming back to New York!

Introducing MaxDelivery.com, a one hour online delivery service that begins running its beta testing in Lower Manhattan on March 15th. Kozmo and Urbanfetch were my livelihood back during the golden age of the internet. I am very excited to try the new system out. Bring on the free T-Shirts and cookies!

As for TV last night...

Fat Actress: official verdict is...pretty good! Clearly not in the same league as Curb, but it had its moments. Some scenes felt a little forced, but overall it was not bad at all.

24: Awesome. I'm glad they've thrown reason completely out the window and just focused on making an engaging action show. This season has been very entertaining, and we're only half way through! Michelle's return was so so obvious, and I don't like it. But they've still got me guessing as to what the main terror plot is. A suggestion from a friend watching with me and a brief clip in the scenes from the next is that the terrorists are trying to fuck with the Army from the inside out. I dunno how or why, but that's my official guess...for now.

Also, via Spinach Dip, I read this article summing up, in detail, why the OC has been so...inconsistent this season. If brings up 7 impeccably worded points as to what went wrong this season, and what can be done to remedy it. Worth a read if you are at all interested in the fate of what was once my favorite show. There's still hope, but it's gotta start getting back on track now. Hopefully the recent purge of all extraneous characters will be a step in the right direction.


At 1:22 PM, Blogger dbhayes said...

don't know anything about stars.

but about the oc. everything that's been wrong with the oc this season was wrong last season too. i'm not going to stop watching though.

At 4:15 PM, Blogger rajeev said...

make sure you catch apostle of hustle tonight as well, opening up for stars. they're great!

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