Monday, January 24, 2005


Today was NOT so bad, despite what Janelle's article says. But the piece wasn't too far off. Last Wednesday was the worst I think. That's pretty close.

Anyway, There are a lot of shows coming up. I can't believe we're talking about May already...

U2 announced their tour. Thighs has the details, But they're playing one night only in NYC (so far) on May 21st (also 2 at the Medowlands). Tickets go on sale next Monday, but if I hear any further presale info, I will post. Rumor Mongers please note the big gap in the dates surrounding Coachella.

Also, the ghost of Productshop, via Stereogum, says New Order and Portishead are confirmed for the fete, along with others listed here. Again, the full list will be announced next Monday.

The Wicked sez that Tickets for The Wrens in Jerz are now on sale, as are the Kaiser Chiefs with the Prosaics at Northsix.

Aeki Tuesday posted the new Hot Hot Heat song last week...and I think it's pretty good. I played the shit out of Make up in the Breakdown two summers ago, so I'm excited to hear some new stuff. Word is they will play Bowery on March 9th. (UPDATE: Tickets on sale now) Right-Click/Save the new track Below:

Hot Hot Heat - Goodnight Goodnight

Got a ticket to Colin tonight. I rarely, if ever go see someone 2 nights in a row, so that says something about how much I enjoyed his set on Saturday. I even traded an Arcade Fire ticket straight up for it! Can't wait.


At 4:13 AM, Blogger Paige said...

ooh thanks so much for the link to the song.!

I am trying right now to get HotHotHeat for a show at my school... they're Canadian, I figure why not. (then again Arcade Fire are also on my wish list.. imagine if they came! ahhhh!)


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