Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Grumpy Edition...

Cold Pizza may be the worst show on television, but I usually watch it in the morning because it's tough to break out of a routine. This week, however, they brought in a guest host who is just the worst. A Mustachioed Canadian with no sense of timing or humor now runs the helm, and it is just painful to watch. I went over to CNN's American Morning today and caught Jack Cafferty, the long time Channel 11 anchor doing what appeared to be a daily segment. And what a way to start the day! You got a 60-something, seen-it-all newsman who sits in front of the camera for 5 minutes and bitches about the stupidity of society by reporting some offbeat news stories. Wow! What contrast to the normally perky, empty-headed fluff you normally get. I left the house this morning with a distrust and disappointment with humanity that I usually don't feel till much much later in the day. So thanks, ya old prick! Keeping America real at 8:45AM.

I just read that Petey Ex-Libertines is in love with Kate Moss, huh? I guess that’s cool. Anything to keep Peter going is a good thing. Hopefully Kate can help straighten him out.

For those heading down to SXSW, prolly the most anticipated news (at least for me, if I make it down) is where The Go! Team will play. Well, Torr reports that they will be opening for Embrace and Dogs Die In Hot Cars at a club called Buffalo Billiards. Sounds small. They'll be playing there on March 18th. Torr's prolly gonna be your best source for SXSW info in the coming months, so be sure to check back there often for showcase dates and locations.

Karen points out that The Futureheads have posted their new video for the awesome song 'Hounds of Love.' Second best song on the album behind Manray, IMO. Watch it here in Windows Media or Real.

Staying on the video tip, Beck's videogame-ish video can be seen here in WM and Real as well. His album will be out on March 29th.

I went to see Colin Meloy again last night. This time the place was completely packed, and I was relegated to literally sit on the end of the stage and peer around a mirrored column to watch the set. He was great, and played a similar, but slightly varied set from Saturday night. Check out Stereogum's nice review of last night, and Brooklyn Vegan's pictures from Saturday.

Colin also made a point to mention that he will return with the whole band to play 2 shows in May...One at Irving, and one at Warsaw. I'm looking forward.

Tonight I hope everybody comes to the Sarah Flynn Benefit show at Rothko. Here's the lineup:

11:00 PM - Ted Leo
10:15 PM - Benzos
9:30 PM - The Head Set
8:45 PM - Apollo Sunshine
8:00 PM - Countess Zapak featuring The Gill Scott-Heron Band 8:00 PM
Guest DJ James Murphy of DFA In Between sets & Late Night

If I'm feeling extra motivated, I'm gonna try and sneak over to Sin-e to catch Buck 65 real quick at 8:00. Gonna play it by ear tho.


At 3:07 PM, Blogger tricia said...

CNN's AM is actually a really good morning show, no cooking/beauty segs, lotta hard news, and Bill Hemmer, who by anchor standards is a pretty hip dude (he recently commented on the show about how he loves to drink Stella). And Cafferty makes it so fun. I too remember him from his days in local news. Today he used a study on male drivers vs. female to launch a rant about how he saw a woman in a $125K Mercedes spend 20 minutes bumpering her way into a parallel parking spot. His disgusted delivery was hilarious. I'll even watch Cafferty's weekend show, "In the Money." I could do without Toure though, his appearances on AM are annoying.

At 3:19 PM, Blogger Jeff said...

Yes! That's exactly the part I saw. Hilarious.

At 2:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buffalo Billiards isn't the biggest club where SXSW bands play, but it's bigger than most of the venues on 6th street. It's where Franz Ferdinand and Clearlake played last year.



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