Tuesday, October 05, 2004

No rest for the weary...

I thought I was gonna get a night off this Wednesday to kick back, take it easy, catch up on some dvr...but I just noticed that Elkland is playing Rothko tomorrow night. I've been itching to see them again ever since their show-stealing set in front of The Bravery and Elefant at Bowery, and for one reason or another, It never works out. This time I won't miss it. They are playing at 10:30, before Surferosa, who opened for The Killers and Ambulance last night, and after a band called Violator, who appears to be an all-girl Depeche Mode cover band. No word if Busta Rhymes will be present. Elkland tho is seriously one of the best up and coming bands around New York right now, and have already signed a major contract with Columbia Records. They are really worth checking out.


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