Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Come on come on, let's get things done…

The Walkmen are hard for me to describe. Their live show is a tough one to swallow, but I leave each time liking them more and more. I'm not sure if I can really pinpoint what it is about them. I think I can just relate to these guys more than your average hipster quintet. They all look like the people I grew up with. They seem real to me. Not just some jaded indie caricature.

Hamilton shouts lyrics that, while vague, feel oddly familiar. I can hear what he's saying. It hits home somehow. These are angry, violent, tragic and frustrating songs performed by people who look like they should have their shit together. There's something oddly refreshing about watching a show like this. It's like punk for the Upper-Middle class. Everyone's got their own problems.

This is music for the kid leaving the loft party at 5:30AM trying to piece together the parts of the night before passing out. You can almost taste the stale cigarettes and see the first hint of daylight over the buildings when you listen to this stuff. It’s the most authentic New York sound I’ve ever heard. With his shirt unbuttoned and hair ruffed up, seeing it live makes it all the more vivid.

It took me over a year to get into Bows and Arrows. It's abrasive music, and with the exception of the near-perfect single, The Rat, there isn't a lot on the album that's instantly catchy. I think over time, hearing the songs on shuffles, seeing them on the OC and then finally in person, they really grew on me. Once you start listening beyond the yelps and howls to the actual desperation in these songs, they are really hard to get out of your head.

(picture via i rock i roll)


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