Thursday, March 31, 2005

Code 46

What a great movie! How come I barely heard anything about it? I was in bed early last night flipping through the on demand movies and saw it on channel 1000. I like Tim Robbins, the plot looked interesting, and I briefly remembered hearing about it, so I gave it a shot. It was really really good. What stood out was the way in which the film framed itself in the future. Aside from the textual explanation of what the actual “Code 46” was at the beginning, they left pretty much everything else up to the viewer to figure out. All of the laws and intricacies of a globalized and genetically sanitized world were played out almost matter-of-factly. You learned how that world worked just by watching it in action, rather than taking particular scenes when characters had to explain the simpler aspects of their life. It was like the movie was made for people who already lived in the future. Very smart. The result is a much more natural view of the future and a stronger focus on the actual story, which turned out to be quite epic and engaging. I’m not the biggest sci-fi guy out there, but this movie transcends those stereotypes and tells a great story. One that just happens to take place in a different time. Big recommendation from me.


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